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1141 ack send
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Author:  PlcBuster [ Tue 25. Jan 2011, 07:31 ]
Post subject:  1141 ack send

hello to everyone,

I'm finally starting to play with plcbus programming.
I want to write my own program to communicate over powerline.

I am using 1141 to connect to PC, and am implementing the protocol myself.

My questions are:
1. Why can I set 2 different master addresses to each micromodule (receiver/transmitter)?
2. can I setup a micro module with 2 different addresses in which it receives command?
3. I noticed that the 1141 can only send commands, but not act as a module (i.e. respond with ack) Can that be changed somehow?

Thanks for anyone's help.

Author:  PLCBUSguru [ Tue 25. Jan 2011, 09:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: 1141 ack send

Hello PlcBuster,

1. no you can’t set two master addresses
2. you can use up to 16 additional scene addresses for each module
3. no 1141 can not work like a module.


Author:  PlcBuster [ Tue 25. Jan 2011, 13:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: 1141 ack send

Thanks for the reply.

regarding 1: I am asking because it is part of the protocol.
there is
"(R)Mater ADDRS SETUP*#"
"(T)Mater ADDRS SETUP*#"

Where R=Receiver and T=Transmitter.

So my question is: why 2 addresses?

Also, just out of curiosity: What will happen if I setup a micro-module (Master Address A01) with scene address say D08 and then set a scenario when flipping that switch to set D08 to ON/OFF respectively?
How will the module behave? Will it send itself a command and acknowledge?

An interesting use case...

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